How it all started


“There is a time and place for everyone, and where I am right now – I strongly believe I was destined to be. Every low in my life played an important part to making who I am today”

It all began at high school when I was choosing my options to do work experience either as nursery nurse or a makeup artist. I was at a peak stage of deciding what I want to become in life and what my ventures would be. I always wanted to work for myself and one day become an entrepreneur. As a young girl I was always creative, I qualified in my NVQs.

In Hairdressing, Beauty Therapy and nail technician. Growing up i started practicing, using a wide range of products, styles and colours to create a variety of looks. I was addicted I couldn’t stop, by the time I was 17 I was getting my friends ready for prom, family ready for weddings and I loved it! On my 18th birthday my dad gifted me a studio room, that was the moment I took the plunge and Artistry began.

It was a hit! The first 2 years rocketed, what began as hobby was now a career! I was once told do what you love and you will never have to work a day in your life again, and I wasn’t. I was booked out for months ahead with bookings from parties, bridal, celebrity shoot requests, friends and family, it was amazing! Mid 2010 my health took a turn for the worse, leaving me in a coma for several days. The knock on effect from this coma left me with loss of short term memory and feeling anxious, I stopped believing In myself, I was depressed. I cancelled my bookings, and secluded myself from the outside world. After months of support from family, friends and loved ones I realised I had to make myself stronger and come out on top of this. I missed being a MUA.

In 2011 I went back into studying an advance makeup course at Illamasqua, Makeup in Paris and Dubai Academy of makeup. These qualification enabled me to become a Beauty Consultant with Tom Ford and kat Von D in leeds and even become a freelance Makeup artist. My confidence was back, I was ready to take on the world. As a beauty consultant, I learnt and enjoyed sharing my techniques, skills and experience with others and they loved it, this triggered me to go and get my teaching qualification. I was now not only doing what I loved but I was also teaching the tricks of the trade, the business was growing, and this didn’t stop here.

In 2014, I opened my first training academy, in the heart of Bradford. I wanted to expand my expertise and set up an education school for all those wanting a career as a Makeup artist. Artistry Academy started growing and we ventured out national and international by also providing mobile training courses. It was never easy running a successful business and being in the lime light. Artistry won its first AWARD winning academy for the best Training academy in West Yorkshire, and also was invited to do TV shows and makeup on celebrities.

In-between this success, I tried to stay strong and always smiled. I never showed my weakness or health problems. I was always in and out of hospital battling my health and keeping on top of my business. My dream was to keep achieving my goals and becoming that entrepreneur I always dreamed of. My creativity never stopped as only a makeup artist. I always loved fashion and party planning so I ventured in to opening a clothing line and become a wedding planner. These are some of my side hobbies that have turned into a business.

This is part of a journey I have shared with you and I am really looking forward to writing my biography to share my story, Vive La Femme.